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DP Review Forum to Close

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Speaking solely for myself — I've only described my experience with moderation, as practiced in the DPR Medium Format forum, in general terms; sparing readers from any gritty details. One reason for that is, I didn't want to see this thread degenerate into a he-said-she-said contest or debate. I would note, however, I said: These things occurred behind the scenes, outside of public view, so it would not have been seen or have had any effect on others who enjoyed their experience. Any questions beyond that will have to be asked privately, as I will not discuss any details publicly.

For most, I have no doubt participation was useful and pleasurable. For some, the environment behind the scenes was toxic. The experience was, as experiences often are, an individual one. Jim said he has not felt welcome at getDPI. I doubt that has been the experience of most participants here. I and others were made to feel unwelcome by a couple of the moderators at DP Review's Medium Format forum. As I've said before, I'm sure that wasn't how most participants there felt.

The only post I made at DPR which I regret was a thread I started with a link to a Hasselblad X2D 100C review. The woman who wrote the review illustrated it with loads of sample pictures, including a large group of unedited sample images taken under a variety of lighting and contrast conditions. I found those particularly interesting and useful. The discussion which followed contained little regrding her experience with the camera or the images she produced. A large portion of the commentary, in my personal opinion, was a mean-spirited repetitive attack over her use of the word simplistic when she meant to say simple and a couple of phrases which could have been better worded. Moderator Doppler9000 said of her review: "It is almost physically painful to read."

Much of the commentary was not what I saw as constructive criticism, but mocking and ridicule. I felt somewhat guilty for exposing her to it by posting a link to her review. I thought the rush to pile on was undeserved and frankly disgusting. Others saw it as just another good discussion. Just as eyewitnesses recall the same scene differently, participants and observers will have different reactions to the same environment or event. It appears that sometimes, one person's perception of toxicity can be another's idea of helpful discussion.

This ends any further public discussion by me of the moderation or environment which existed at the soon to be closed DP Review.

Given that you called me out by name, I would like to respond.

Moderation is a thankless task done by volunteers. 90+% of the moderation effort is to deal with less than 10% of the forum members.

Though it is an imperfect process, I can assure you that your viewpoints had/have nothing whatsoever to do with the forum moderation.

In your excerpt, you refer to me as a Moderator, when you know full well that your chosen excerpt was not written by me as a moderator, but as a forum participant.

I stand by the view that the article you reference is so poorly written that it’s very hard to read. The full post, from which you excerpted, may give some insight:

“This article is very poorly written

It is almost physically painful to read.

I had to stop reading and just look at the pictures, some of which are great.

Just one example:

‘True to form, this Hasselblad excels in areas that it performs well.’ “

This not an isolated example.
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I used to visit DP Review years ago for Sigma DP camera info, but I learned quickly that it was not a nice place.
Sure, there were a few kind participants, but the experience of many self-proclaimed experts and bullies drove me away.

So what if the writer's grammar and word usage were not like an English professor's; the images alone are well worth the time if you are interested in seeing images made with the gear prior to buying. So many, and I mean MANY, forum participants talk the talk but hardly walk the walk by showing images.


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as we say in germany, machs besser, make it better if you dont like something. the author of the article didnt ask for critique i guess, no need to criticize it needlessly.
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