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fat pixel digital backs


Mediaval Castle for Catholic Priests.
Demolished on order from the swedish king Gustav Vasa in 1528 because not Prothestantic.

Happy New Year ! Some of the images are two-shot HDR in Lightroom6.


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This is from around 2003 and shot with a Contax 645 and Kodak DCS Pro back. Only 16 megapixels. Pretty poor quality by today's standards.

Limited capability by today's standards does not mean poor image quality.

The Kodak DCS Proback and 645 M/H/C brings back fond memories and really marked the start of "medium format digital." Many in the Inferno got their start with it.

Nice to see you here, Doug.



Mamiya 300 f5.6 handheld, cropped 100% pixels.

I need to learn to be a better stalker. For better reach I have the Mamiya 500 f5.6 but would
never consider using it handheld, I have a fluid head but am just nudging the birding thing.

P20, Mamiya 80 f4


How is it bad?
I have the MAMIYA - SEKOR C 35mm/3.5 N
What I have read is that even the AF version of 35mm is considered 'soft' in the corners and periphery.
The AF and C and N versions supposedly have almost the same optical formula.
I have not had any problems with the MF N version, possibly because I don't have the most recent high
resolution backs. Therefore I think the looking down on old lenses is a bit exaggerated.

In my opinion the Mamiya C and N lenses are quite wonderful for older digital backs.
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I use a few "N" lens with my Fuji gfx and find them very acceptable for my use.
The N version has better multicoating than the C version and I try to use N with digital and C with film.
The optical formula of N and AF versions should be very similar, however there are ULD and APO lenses
that should be a little and significantly better, respectively.

Now I remember that the C versions can be of previous optical design, but not always. The MC is always better on N.
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