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Fun with 4/3rds cameras/ Image Thread

Leica 77

New member
That has to be the best looking rangefinder ever made. Very nicely captured.
Hi Carl,
Thank you very much for your nice comments. The designs of classic rangefinder cameras (e.g. Nikon SP, Leica M3, Contax IIa, etc.) are timeless. Best regards, Leica 77. :)


Panasonic G1 with Schneider Kreuznach Xenoplan 1,9/25:

(Click image for larger Version)




Olf-Lyken B.


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Re: Rangefinder

That has to be the best looking rangefinder ever made. Very nicely captured.
Yep. I'm sure I'm not the only one on this planet that dreams of a camera exactly like this one just with a FF sensor in it instead of the film chamber - I mean right down to the shutter-cocking lever à la Epson instead of that noisy M9 stuff (that should ruffle a few feathers, :D).


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Re: Silicon Film

The bankers won this battle too:

I liked this answer on when someone likened it to vaporware:
"Kelly Flanigan , Jun 23, 2004; 02:20 a.m.
It isnt vaporware; more like no taxes; peace in the middle east; the 100MPG carburetor; the paperless office or paperless bathroom; a woman who has only one pair of shoes; kids who dont ask for money; etc."

Love the impossibility of a woman having only one pair of shoes!


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Cargo Vessel Tian Du Feng ~ Hong Kong and Mt Rainer

GF1 with Carl Zeiss Contag G Planar T* 45mm f2 -- ISO 100 -- f2.8 -- 1/3200

The C/V Tian Du Feng, home port Hong Kong, along the Seattle Waterfront loading grain.

Life is Grand!

~ ;)