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Fun with MF Achromatic Digital Backs


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Here's a few with IQ260 Achromatic, Cambo WRS, Rodenstock 40HR, all shot while on a 15 day river trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

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From CI in Carmel awhile back----IQ260 with a Cambo WRS and HR40, tethered with a Surface Pro 2!

Can't wait to see with the IQ3 100MP Achromatic can do!
ci carmel 201400113 Carmel Mission Web.jpg


Cornish Agapanthus. I'm tempted to call it "The Family Portrait".

First effort for me with the IQ3100 Achromatic which PhaseOne and Teamwork Digital in London made available to me for a few days. Very grateful to them for the chance to use this extraordinary back. Much has been written about the extra detail that the Achromatic gives but it was just as much the tonality that impressed me. SK110mm lens on the XF.

More to come.



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Curious on this image. Do you remember your work flow? Wondering if there is any shadow recovery left. Nice image!...Don
Must be shadow left in black areas. Must work on this much more before finished.

On trip right now and either traveling or shooting and not spending time processing this week, but do have one to post later.


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The Colorado River at South Canyon about 31.5 miles downstream from Lee's Ferry.
IQ260 Achromatic, Cambo WRS, HR40, Lee 87 Infrared.

The image is not really sharp and wont make for a big print but I like the feel of it anyhow.