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Fun with MF images 2021


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There is only one thread now. The older was closed. It is only available for viewing.
Is there a particular reason for it? You just closed the single most viewed thread in the forum without any kind of explanation.
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Ray Harrison

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I enjoy it too. @olafphoto Would it make sense, at least temporarily, for the "locked" Fun with MF Images to also be "sticky" for a while? It will slowly sink below other topics and get lost over time. It would be a shame to have that happen, at least for now.


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After a 2 month hiatus with no crops, today I harvested some citrus. The Blood Orange and Navel Orange trees I bought online 7 years ago. They shipped, bare root, in a bag with some sawdust to keep moisture around the roots. It was the first time I purchased trees via mail order. The Oro Blanco grapefruit we traded for some item we returned at a hardware store, it came in a tiny little bucket.

When they were small, these trees had branches broken by skunks, raccoons, possums and rough-housing dogs that crashed into them while playing chase, but I was able to nurse them to good health. Today they stand many feet taller than me and are a beautiful thing to watch.

IQ4150 XF SK55 BR

My Lovers Garden0835 MASTER copy.jpg
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Change is good. But if it ain't broke, don't fix it !!!!
It may be the reason why the "Fun with MF images" is so famous. You can go to only one place and are able to view so many gorgeous images.
Who will want to post images on December 31st?


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I have not taken my Pentax (645D) out for a very long time. People kept saying that Washington was a great place for nature photography. So, after moving to DC, I took my camera out to explore. Haven't found any Giant Sequoia yet though...

This is Soapstone Valley which is part of Rock Creek Park, a 1,750 acre park in DC.