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Fun with MF images 2021


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I have not taken my Pentax (645D) out for a very long time. People kept saying that Washington was a great place for nature photography. So, after moving to DC, I took my camera out to explore. Haven't found any Giant Sequoia yet though...

This is Soapstone Valley which is part of Rock Creek Park, a 1,750 acre park in DC.
Nice! There is something interesting to photograph everywhere if one looks for it. I would be interested to see more of what you find in the DC area! Thanks for sharing.



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Soon enough we'll all be out but for now it's stay at home. This is the bake for today. Not anywhere near as the product shots presented but these loaves are from a labor of love and 40 years of experience.

My trusty Actus with Rody 90 SW.

Victor B.

P0000989 1.jpg

Ed Hurst

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Roseville Bridge spans Middle Harbour in Sydney. It was opened in 1966, replacing a bridge dating back to 1924, that used to span the water at a much lower level. The place is quite unusual... It's situated in an area that these days is surrounded by suburbs, but it remains wild, with bushland and shark-infested waters. The place from which I took this picture is in a National Park and closed off at night, providing quite a large area of rampant nature in this urban sprawl. At one time, the waters around here had swimming baths and were popularly frequented. Now, the baths have gone, the old low level bridge has been demolished (almost without trace), and most people speed past on the new bridge, barely giving this little oasis a thought... It felt quite odd, standing here on my own in the dark, with houses and nature all around, traffic whirling past across the bridge.

Pentax 645Z with 28-45mm lens @ 39mm

Roseville Bridge with star trails by Ed Hurst, on Flickr
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Ed Hurst

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Situated on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales, Moonee Beach is a lovely place to spend a family holiday. We recently had a week there, staying in a cabin at a camping park, surrounded by friendly people, a lovely estuary and all sorts of outdoor activities...

By night, though, it's deserted and reminded me of the wild place it really is. Here, the sand of the estuary (which changes radically with the tide) provides a foreground, with the view extending out to the lighthouse on South Solitary Island.

Pentax 645Z with 150mm FA lens

_IMG1473Step10CropSMALL by Ed Hurst, on Flickr