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Fun with MF images 2021


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Don't get me wrong, colours are great, but to me there just is something special in the graphic power of a B&W Fine Art landscape. Here a Dolomites landscape with human elements in it:

Hasselblad X1D II, Voigtlander Super-Wide Heliar 15mm. 181 sec.

Comments & critiques welcome. Best regards,

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I took this back in 2017 and may have posted an image then but am working on it again and wanted to get a reaction. Taken with my Phase 3100, Actus and Schneider 60mm XL. Even though the Schneider lens has a large image circle I knew that double movements would be pushing the lens so I decided to get maximum rise and pan for the horizontal. Two images in portrait position were taken to make this 4X3 image.

Taken in the Dolomites with the town of Ortesei on the left where I stayed for the duration of my trip.

Victor B.

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Had to track down this fancy new thread, I see the old one got archived recently.. Good to see so many still active and sharing. Picked up the GFX 100S before a trip to my wife's family cabin last week, and rented a number of lenses to evaluate. Still editing the proper landscape images but happy to report the 100S works well as a very overpriced family shooter..!