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Fun with MF images 2022


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Wabi Sabi

WRS1250 | IQ4 150 | Zeiss 5.6/120 S-Planar | f.5.6 | 39-image focus stack
Wabi Sabi by John Ngai, on Flickr
The remains of a once vibrant flower and cork from a 1971 Chateau Léoville Barton St. Julien. They were lovely, each in its own way. And yes, I made a train wreck of the cork... :rolleyes:

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Ed Hurst

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Dating back to the 7th Century, Whitby Abbey stands in remarkable and gothic isolation on the hills over the North Yorkshire town. It was confiscated by the Crown during Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries in the 16th Century, leading to its ruination. I will be posting more shots of it in the coming weeks, but for now, here's a star trail.

Famously the Abbey features in Bram Stoker's Dracula - a connection much exploited by local tourism!

Fuji GFX100S with Pentax 645 28-45mm lens @ 28mm

Whitby Abbey by night by Ed Hurst, on Flickr
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P. Chong

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A portrait from this week in London. I was in the city for an event, and bumped into Master Watchmaker (god level, for those who know), Kari Voutilainen who was also visiting from Switzerland. What are the odds of meeting someone in the huge metropolis. Fijifilm GFX 50 S II with Hasselblad HC 2.8/80 with H Adapter G.


Greg Haag

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It is currently somewhat controlled chaos around our house, our daughter is getting married in our back yard 2 weeks from tomorrow. We did manage to take a few photos this past weekend, here are couple of my favorites.

GFX 100S and 110mm on both
Elizabeth and Will-1-2.jpg

Elizabeth and Will-1.jpg

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The Love and Peace rose has become my favorite in the past few years.

I think it is appropriate for this photographer who embraced the movement of the 1960s and still misses the 1962 Beetle and college campus days.

All things change. But the essence of self remains. Perhaps the bright colors and ever-changing shapes and presentations of each Love and Peace rose is what intrigues me. The essence is still there even as each petal falls.

Love and Peace

Leica S 006
Vario 30-90mm:





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hello Dave, thanks for your kind message ,in fact i put a little sharpness and clarity on Lightroom , but the schneider 55 and 80 i own are very very sharp ... i'm often amazed with these lenses. I use the 55 mm most of the time, a few years ago, i owned the Mamiya 55 mm AF which was a very good lens, but this one is better and give more contrast with the Leaf back .