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Fun with MF images 2024


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Gorgeous image Rob! There's something about industrial imagery that is so interesting to me. Another way to minimize the distortion would be to stand further away and use a longer lens. The area around the Nunn Elevator is fairly open so this should be an option. Now I want to go back and take some more. Good thing it's not far from where I live.

Ray Harrison

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Thank you Ray!

Are you familiar with Alex Burke Photography? His 4x5 film photography of eastern Colorado is fantastic.

It wasn't until after I made a few images of old grain elevators that I found his work. Now it's hard not to seek out locations that he has photographed so well.
Yes, I became acquainted with his work sometime during the pandemic. Excellent stuff, and I feel he evokes the prairie landscape and the structures in it so well (among other things, of course).


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... I am very glad that the matter has been clarified!
Without our friend Warren, who has a great reputation, it probably wouldn't have been possible.
Many thanks for that Warren.

I think I understand now that you wanted to make me aware of a better way of posting the images and not that the images themselves were unsharp. I will look into this ...
No - that wasn't it!
I just couldn't imagine that a man with her high level of photographic expertise would make mistakes when compressing.

That settles the matter - just one more thing!
I don't want to have to read another post like your first one on this page!

Thank you



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... written statements are overrated Paul!
They invite misinterpretation.

You can't see body language, eyes or facial expressions.
You don't know what is meant because this important information is missing.

That's why a calm form of conversation is essential!
Alles Gut Paul!



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Staff member
May i ask paul and uwe to continue their discussion via private message? This is going nowhere