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Fun with MF images 2024


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907x 50c + 45p


This image is of the "Suwannee River,” the title of a timeless tune penned by Stephen Foster in 1851. Here's the kicker: Foster never even laid eyes on the Suwannee River his entire life! Talk about composing a hit from the comfort of your imagination.

Foster and his brother dove into an atlas, looking for the name of a river that would fit the lyrics. They came upon "The Swanee," saying "this little Florida river" that runs down to the Gulf of Mexico would fit the song. However, the Suwannee is no small fry! It begins in the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia, meandering through North Florida, racking up 246 miles before reaching the Gulf of Mexico.

The image was taken from the Hillman Bridge in Ellaville, Florida (a ghost town); it's a prime example of those robust Pratt metal truss bridges that were popular from the mid-1800s until the end of World War II. And that railroad truss bridge you see spanning the river is the former Pensacola and Georgia Railroad line, now under the CSX banner.

And that little ditty, "Suwannee River," has been Florida's State Song since 1935. :)
I know the river and that bridge. Lovely. Great memories.


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Why yes, I do have nothing better to do than test old lenses on Soup.
Thanks to @JoelM, a Mamiya 645 150/2.8 ULD, here shot wide open on the X2D at ISO 6400

The 135/2.8 is sharper/more contrasty wide open, and has less CA, but it's a lot harder to focus manually. The 150/2.8 ULD is a lovely addition to the 200/2.8 APO and 300/5.6 ULD. Of course, the Pentax 645 150/3.5 is also good. Too many options!


PS. The vet called a minute ago and asked if Soup is behaving normally on his current insulin dose. I sent them this picture as an example of him behaving normally. The vet approved.

Ok, rain at dawn.

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