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Fun with MF images 2024


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Cascade by John Ngai, on Flickr
907x-CFV100c | Zeiss 5.6/250 Superachromat | 1/20s​

I spent the day recently with a good friend, touring some of the waterfalls in central Tennessee. It was refreshing to get out and explore new photo opportunities. The little Hasselblad is turning out to be great for travel, quite compact with little if any compromises in image quality.



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Apparitions by John Ngai, on Flickr
907x-CFV100c | XCD 3.2/90 | f/5.6 | 1/60s | ISO100​

From the base of the 256 foot (78 m) tall Falls Creek Falls, the tallest waterfall in Tennessee. At my vantage point there was a fine mist enveloping me (and the camera) as a light breeze gently whipped the cascade of water. All in all, a great experience.



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Last spring things here for a bit / off to Caribbean for first time later in the week, not sure how much photo opportunity I will find but tbd
Managed to hit 3 of the 5 boros this weekend so not bad

I always love when you get 2 cherry blossom varieties growing next to each other for contrast, shot two ways, not sure which I prefer..



And then some urban contrast