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what ISO have you used for those shots?
Damn. You got me. The Fuji Auto ISO was set with a low speed of 1/160 sec. So the ISO was 2500 on the first shot, and 1250 on the second. But there's no issue of lifting shadows here.

As Steve Hendrix said, all these systems can do a remarkable job. It's all down to personal preference.


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Alan, I must say I'm tremendously enjoying the results from your trip in North Scotland, it's obvious you were having a good time there :thumbup:


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Thank's Pieter, I just looove Scotland! Been going there regularly since my first trip in 1970 (on my Triumph 3TA!).:cool:

Michiel Schierbeek

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A bit of an experiment--not sure about the results.
I like it much. But I love urban photography. What is for you the experiment? That it is B&W or the POV? I like the point of view very much, the buildings straight up, nicely layered with a lot happening with the diagonals on the ground and a nice sky.
It does, especially the sky, make me a bit curious how it would look in color.
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