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Bit of a wild afternoon on Cape Pembroke East Falkland, at times the rain was horizontal, the Mamiya and I got quite a soaking.

Mamiya 645 df P21+ with 35mm MF



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This image is from the south island of New Zealand. This is a mix of tea trees and beech trees. This is an interesting image printed large, the layers of trees and the details in them make this image work for me. I got eaten alive by sand flies shooting this scene. My wife gave up waiting for the trees to be still and went back to the car.

Finally getting around to processing my files from a Thanksgiving trip to AZ.

Seguaro National Park at sunrise

Phase One XF IQ3 100, 35mm LS Blue, iso50 1/6s @ f/16
(that lens is a real pig...but real quality glass!)



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I was doing Behind the Scenes at a shoot of Ghost Army veterans at the Penumbra Foundation Tintype Studio. The Ghost Army was a WWII unit that made, among other things, inflatable tanks and had sound recordings of divisions on the move that would convince enemy reconnaissance that forces were in the wrong place. Since the tintypes called for something older than digital, I shot some film (Mamiya 7II, 65mm f/4, HP5+). Here is John Jarvie waiting for the collodion:

And the cliche-but-how-can-you-resist Fulton St. Subway station shot - I've tried this many times (unsatisfactorily) with digital, and this time it worked.




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Posted up in a spot this afternoon to do some lens testing with the 645z and had a little fun as well...


55mm 2.8 and big stopper

28-45mm and cropped



first tries with my new iq180, on my contax 645 with 55mm F3.5, @F8
I have become more and more interested in Contax 645. How do you find the 180 stacks up with the Contax lenses? I hope you wil keep m=posting pictures of this combo!


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I have become more and more interested in Contax 645. How do you find the 180 stacks up with the Contax lenses? I hope you wil keep m=posting pictures of this combo!
The lenses fare incredible well, and the (not so great) live view helps focusing alot
Especially the 120mm is crazily sharp even wide open and even better stopped down.
So far i only shot the 45mm of my friend and the 55 and 120.
When i am back in beijing i will test the 35mm and 140 and of course the 80mm

Of course i am biased(sorry doug for stealing that phrase) but i just love the contax 645. so simple operations with little and just minimalistic controls, and the lenses still perform very well despite the age of nearly 20 years.

I will stick to the system till it breaks apart
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