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Fun with MF images


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Trebarwith Stran, Cornwall, in B&W

Trebarwith Strand, in Cornwall, is an amazing location to shoot at high tide: the rock formations there are just incredible, and the roaring ocean coming at you on both sides of the rocky outcrop where I was standing is wondrously powerful. Such a thrill to experience it, and such fun to use the power of photography to transform it into an ethereal B&W instead :) 2 minutes exposure with my Hasselblad X1D, Hasselblad XCD 30mm and my usual Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra filters.

Thank you for viewing, best regards



From a recent tour of the Permian Basin wind farms and oil fields in West Texas. Dust and sand are not friends of a MF back, but nothing post-p and time can't solve.

P1 XF / IQ4150 / S-K 75-150 @ 150/f11 / ISO200 / 1/640

P0002153 6-1b-1.jpg
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Cold and windy here this spring with mostly foggy mornings near the beach
Finally yesterday it was clear but still cold and windy; however the rosa rigosa continue to thrive


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Windy day, but perfect for a short outing to try out my new Firecrest Ultra 100x100 ND Filter.:)

Hasselblad H5D-50c:
Starr's Mill June 4, 2019 H5D FINAL 4.5x6.jpg

Starr's Mill Downstream June 4, 2019 H5D FINAL 4.5x6.jpg
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Oh, I forgot. This image was a simple test of a larger filter for the Studio's H5D-50c, that is supposed to have no color cast. The filter used here was a Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra 10-stop ND Filter (100mm x 100mm) and in the few minutes of limited time I had this morning, in the backyard and later, here at the old Mill, I can certainly say that the Filter performs amazingly well. No color cast that I could detect. The moire on the first image is a mystery. But, since it was just a test, I will not bother with it.

Two weeks ago, with the D850, using a Firecrest circular filter, I found that it had a distinct color cast, which I actually prefer... :) What to do? I embraced it here, in the Nikon forum:


Then, late last night, I was finally able to drag myself into my little office and process a single image from the mini-shoot yesterday morning. Groggy from a lack of sleep, I found that the overall image shot with the D850, using a very competent 50mm 1.8 G lens and a circular Firecrest filter (from JohnBrew) had more character, better composition and overall, I liked it better!

Starr's Mill June 4, 2019 D850 FINAL 4x6.jpg

What now? I have two filters that give me two distinct looks. I like them both! How to use the MF and the full frame to their best advantages is a mystery to me and I must attempt more discovery. Not sure how much I can discover when my "mind-bokeh" is not buttery smooth. I need sleep badly.

I am looking for other opportunities to try out the new filter before we head to the North Georgia Mountains in two weeks to visit my wife's doctor, and spend the rest of the day(s) chasing flowing water! :)
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The Sinks. Inspired by Dave Chew...:salute:

Great Smoky Mountains last October.

Hasselblad H5D-50c:

This image, like most of all the other long exposures I have posted over the last few years was done with a Lee Big Stopper. As most know, the Big Stopper has a cast to it. Surprisingly, I find it to be perfect for a different viewing experience in color. Sometimes, I prefer it and use it to my advantage. How it does it, I really do not know. But I choose to let the mystery be.

So, if there is anyone undecided with filters as I have been, I can only encourage them to just do it, use them, and find out which filter suits you best. Like all gear choices, it is up to you, the photographer, to do what you decide works best for you. For me, I now know that I like two of them.... one with a color cast (like the one above, and one without a color cast.:)

It is all Fun with MF Images, right?
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Three more from my week in Banff....miss that place already!! No matter the season, no matter what weather, there's always a shot to be had it seems...

Sunset at Lake Louise, what an amazing feeling to have such a wonderful place all for yourself, only possible in Canada it seems!
P0000452 Banff Jasper Trip - 14-May-2019 to 19-May-2019.jpg

Sunwapta Falls
P0000472 Banff Jasper Trip - 14-May-2019 to 19-May-2019 B&W.jpg

Patricia Lake, again had it all to myself in the early morning, just after sunrise, unreal!
P0000509 Banff Jasper Trip SMALL - 14-May-2019 to 19-May-2019.jpg


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Beano Z, I know all those spots very well and you have done them great justice. Congratulations - especially the Lake Louise image.
Thanks Bill, very kind of you!

There are so many great images off the Canadian Rockies out there that getting a “hero” shot that stands out is quite difficult and neither of the times I was there I felt I got anything original.

It’s a long way from where I usually am, so being there without trying to get the hero images is very hard to do for me mentally, hopefully next time I’ll seek out less photographed area’s and spend more time on those.

I’d love to live there for a year or so, just to be able to get to know the place and admire it in all seasons, but unfortunately that will just remain a dream for the foreseeable future....

P. Chong

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Looking through my old portfolio, found this job I did years ago...Leica S2 with the Summarit S 35mm. Kinda miss the S. And looking forward to seeing how the new S3 will be like.




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Orange Aspen Glade was taken last autumn. The orange aspen trees take a bit of hunting to find them. Its sort of like a needle in a haystack. Some years I find a lot of them and others I find none. This stitched panorama was taken with a Phase One XF IQ3 100 camera.