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Fun with Nikon Images 2021


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Working on my black and whites really, really makes me want to get back into 8x10 film photography. I think I'll keep my digital setup squarely for work. I have had two negatives sent to drum scanning this week, excited to get them back.

Here's yet another dramatic black and white image. Shot with the Nikon D850, Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 @ f/5.6. I processed this through dxo photolab (no ugly shadow/highlight haloing such as in LR), Silver Efex, used super-resolution in LR and set the white and black points manually in photoshop, along with some manual micro-contrast enhancements. I'll be happy to elaborate if anyone wishes so.
I thought I’d post the scans, even though it is a bit off topic.
Both images were made on 8x10 Ilford Delta 100, rated at EI50. First one is with a red filter and second a yellow filter. The first image is from a cold Alpine summer morning in the Italian Dolomites. The second is a view not far from the road in Hemsedal, Norway. The sun was hitting the mountain with light in an amazing fashion.

I suspect I will be making several versions of these two over the coming days before I decide upon printing.