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Fun with Nikon Images 2022


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Once I too had a beautiful M3 and silver Elmarit-M 2.8/24mm Asph.
Alas all stolen in August 2014 among a lot of other Leica equipment.
Some years ago 'my Elmarit' turned top in Canada.
At first the eBay seller seemed cooperative but in the end choose to reclaim his money from the too me unknown original seller in Germany.


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Nice shot of indeed "True Beauty" @lookbook! It looks like it's all brand new.

Bart, I feel your pain. My dear Leicaflex R3 with three nice lenses was stolen in Greece somewhere in the mid 1980's. At home I never found back the little paper which had the serial numbers noted on it (it was all bought 2nd hand) so I never knew if anything ever turned up on the 2nd hand market afterwards. Worst thing was that the six exposed rolls of colour slides from the trip there were in the bag and stolen with the rest. 😡 After that any exposed rolls went into a different place in my luggage while travelling, live and learn!
Fortunately my M2 was left at home that year and I still have (and use) that.
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... many thanks for the appreciation.

It is actually a photo for sale and in fact this lens has also been sold to a buyer from the forum to Canada.
As I also liked the photo very much myself, I also uploaded it to Flickr.
There it got over 13 thousand clicks.

A similar photo with a different camera as the subject has been viewed over 330,000 times on Flickr. through Explore.
I should change my profession and make product photos : )

SWA 2022-12-28 010655.jpg