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Fun with Nikon Images 2022

Darin Marcus

Well-known member
Let's get started with this year's thread!
Hopefully, an admin will make it sticky :)

This was taken on January 2nd, several hours before the snowstorm hit the area:

Before the Storm
Nikon D810, AF-S Nikkor 24mm f/1.8G, 1/320 sec, f/5.6, ISO 64 (Manassas National Battlefield Park, January 2022)

Hulyss Bowman

Active member
Hello guys ! Few days ago I had the chance to receive something special at home... By pure luck I found a brand new unoppened boxe Nikon Coolpix A. This thing was sleeping in Roma, in a shop inventory since 2013 and now it is in my hands. I pretty happy and it is a first. Who here never wanted to possess a piece of gear from yesteryears, but brand new ? Like a D700 or something like that ? This is a luck. 9 years old. I remeber I wanted it but not at 1100 €... For 300 now I'm OK. I charged the batterie ... and it is super fine, no problem at all. So, If nature allow me to shoot... I will now share some with you. Can't wait spring !