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Fun with Nikon Images 2022

Vince Lupo

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Thanks Darin - this was a number of years ago, and I didn't find out about it until I was actually in a grocery store in the freezer aisle and saw my photo on one of the cartons in the ice cream section (definitely made me do a double-take). I think Blue Bunny has since discontinued that line of ice cream, but I still have the tub (empty of course!). Duff used another one of my photos for some cake decorating kits/utensils as well - I think it was this one, but they used it as a black and white image.

Duff Portrait192
by Vince Lupo, on Flickr

I was in one episode of the show in which they were filming the making of the Ace of Cakes book (the episode was called Ace of Cakes - Book of Cakes, or something like that), which is why I was shooting for him in the first place. It was about a two-month project and they decided to make one of the episodes about the making of the book. If you look on YouTube you can see the preview somewhere there. There were two other photographers on the project - one worked on the show as a camera operator and took photos on the side, the other was a cousin of Duff's who was a photographer and worked for Disney.

Actually I found it -- just look for the bald guy wielding a camera:

If I can track down the portrait that started it all, I'll post it here.
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Darin Marcus

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Wow, that 2XTC is impressive - very smooth back ground - very different to the old F mount combo - where the BG normally was quite jittery.
Bokeh can be busier in certain situations. I have not used the F mount TCs, but people who used both seem to agree that the Z TCs are indeed much better.