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Fun with Nikon Images

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Thanks Ben, Jack, Mikal..:salute:


You posted from Madrid three hours ago, and from Bali 2 hours ag? How did you manage to travel and clear customs so quickly?

Just a dream Mikal..woke up and found myself on top of a mountain..

Not praying. Cold. Very ****ing Cold.
The Alps. Nikon D80.


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Barry, Douglas, ceh and Mikal...grateful to you gentlemen. Thanks.

A few years back, she said we should take a cruise. We decided on one..

A cruise passing through history and various incomparable countries.
Along the Danube. Wonderful barely begins to describe our travel.

With me the Nikon D700 and the under-rated ZF 50/1.4 Planar. That was it.

Budapest. And the Danube.


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Hulyss, Steen, Bijan..:salute:

From the D70/S in Paris ....

to various Nikons in the deserts of my home..

To cherry blossoms in Japan..

To the cities of Europe..

The various Nikons have served me well. Beyond my capabilities.
My requirements are simple. All these images could most likely be much better done on smartphones by any other person.

But this is what I have used over the years. Ego? Most likely.

I have no paying clients. My family, a few friends, and the good folks at DPI are my audience.

I don't chase technology, but am grateful to those that do.
The only things I want to chase are my grandchildren and a few seasons.

And satisfy the most demanding of my non-paying clients...

To do that I have to use the best I can afford and use the one tool Iknow how to use the best.

My Nikons.

Thank you for listening to my rant.

Jan Brittenson

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Santa Cruz on a Saturday evening... just lazing about.

Watching Nat Young hanging out with the locals at Steamer Lane. This guy is incredible.

All just snaps with the D800E and 70-200/4. Took the shade off in the first and carefully positioned the sun to let it flare out.
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