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Fun with Nikon Images

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Hulyss Bowman

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Very nice, Hulyss. I have a feeling that the original red hue is far from the one presented though.
Where is the promised in DP3M thread "samurai" series? :)
The China series is done but wasn't done with a Sigma camera (hopefully); the DP was just used for backstage. I'm just to worried to share anything right now but when the mood and hope will go up I might (but this take time). You can see some on my site and facebook but not the "commissioned" ones.


PS: The red hue was pretty close.


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Hulyss, Mikal..thanks you guys. Much appreciated.

What with the forum all buzzing with new offerings from them and them, I find the Nikon guys are to be congratulated for putting up images made by their cameras.
So to you all..have some chocolates...



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'The Portland Company' - D810 / Nikkor 70-200/f4

The Portland Company was established in the mid 1800's as a locomotive foundry for building railroad equipment. In recent years, this complex of buildings on the Portland, Maine waterfront has been used for boat building/repair, and other marine related uses. The next chapter looks to be for redevelopment for housing and retail use. I'm hopeful that the new owners will make an effort to retain the character of some of these old, waterfront buildings.



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Talking about what camera/lens comes tomorrow does not make images.
What makes images is what you have now and using it. The images might be insignificant, but they are images. Not loose banter.

A guest came a calling...

Df. Shot with a native Nikon lens without adapters and in the visible light spectrum. That is how I see..visible light.


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Mikal, Steen, Douglas..thanks a bunch.

Of course Steen. You are correct. I too like to share my thoughts. But it don't make no pictures, though..:)

Take care Y'all.

Some of us also enjoy talking together, sharing our thoughts .-)
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Nikon, Venice...

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