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Fun with Sony Cameras 2022


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Tablelands in the Gros Morne national park, Newfoundland

A7ii + Tamron 28-200 Di III RXD

Geologically this is a very interesting area, formed about 500 million years ago when the tectonic plates of the earth crust of what now is North America and Africa collided and pushed a piece of the underlying earth mantle to the surface. The light brown rocks are serpentine and have a very high metal content which is poisonous for most plants, hence the very scarce growth, only a very limited number of plants can survive there. Pushing the earth mantle to the surface over the crust/tectonic plates only happened at four places, and this one is the only one which is relatively easily accessible. Also interesting is that when such a rock breaks the interior is dark green, over time water and air oxidise it to this brownish state. It's a big area, spot the two walkers in the distance to get a sense of the scale of this landscape.


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Interesting geology Pieter, looking forward to seeing the pics from your holiday (y)
Thanks Alan, we had a ball there and many times I thought how some of my GetDPI friends would also enjoy the landscape and scenery.

The rugged coastline of the Bonavista Peninsula

A forest left to its own in Terra Nova National Park

And plenty of wild streaming water while hiking on the flanks of Gros Morne mountain (in the Gros Morne National Park)

All A7ii + Tamron FE 28-200 Di III RXD

There's much more to come, I took > 2000 photo's and only went through them once and eliminated ~250 which were the absolute bummers, but there's still a lot of sorting and deleting to be done and then processing the ones which came out OK.


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Good to hear you enjoyed yourselves, looks very interesting so far. I am sure it wil be worth the wait as you work through your photo's.