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Fun with Sony Cameras 2022


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The last morning in the Trinity area (Newfoundland) we did the Skerwink Trail, named one of the top 35 hikes on the North American continent and you can judge for yourself based on what's posted below, but we liked it a lot!

Starting at St. Andrews in Trinity East

Framed by nature

More chimney rocks

Small fjord

Storm damage (a very common sights in the Newfoundland forests)

Looking towards the Skerwink Rocks along Dog Cove

All A7ii + Tamron FE 28-200 Di III RXD


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Continuing the walk from post # 422 above

A closer look at the cape and Skerwink rocks

In other words: "Better stay on the trail"

Looking back at where I took the last one of post # 422

Cormorants sitting on one of the Skerwink rocks

Another look at Dog Cove beach

Near the end of the walk clouds were closing in, starting another couple of days with fog and rain 🙁

All except 28: A7ii + Tamron FE 28-200 Di III RXD
28: A7Rii + Tamron FE 150-500 Di III VC VXD


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After our wet experience in Terra Nova NP we drove to Twillingate in the North. It's one of the prime locations to spot icebergs as it is situated on the "Iceberg alley" where gletchers that broke off from Greenland are floating southwards. It's one of those Icebergs that sank the Titanic.

The first spot we went to was the Long Point lighthouse, a well known vantage point to spot icebergs, but we saw a lot of fog, a nice lighthouse, an interesting trail along the coast but no icebergs.

Rugged coastline

Long Point lighthouse and the lightkeepers house

The fog horn, praise yourself lucky there's no sound with this photo 🔊

The lightkeepers shed could use a lick of paint

The view from a trail along the coast that started at Long Point

All A7ii + Tamron FE 28-200 Di III RXD


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More from Twillingate (f/u from post 432 above)

Talking to some people at the lighthouse we heard there was an iceberg spotted in Purcell's Harbour, ~13 km to the south. So after a walk on the trail we took the car back there to have a look

The iceberg at Purcell's Harbour

Panorama of Purcell's harbour (it's really a big natural bay)

Pano of 5 handheld photo's

Lonely gull watching the whitecaps

Fishing sheds in Purcell's harbour

After that we went back and had dinner and after dinner I took a short walk through the town of Twillingate

The Wooden Boat Builders Museum

St Peter's Anglican Church

The backside of the church with some headstones

Some of the headstones have been standing there a long time

All except the third (lonely gull): A7ii + Tamron FE 28-200 Di III RXD
third: A7Rii + Tamron FE 150-500 Di III VC VXD


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Following on to post # 437 above

The next morning we were supposed to go on an Iceberg and Whale watching excursion however due to the gale force 6 winds it was (fortunately) cancelled.

So we decided to make another hike with coastal views in the hope of spotting icebergs and whales that way. It worked for the icebergs but we never saw a whale

We went to Little Harbour (just north of Purcell's Harbour) where we walked the 5 km long Lower Little Harbour Trail which offered several beaches, a rugged coastline, a resettled community and a natural arch.

Abt 1 km from the parking the first point of interest is Judas Cove

Iceberg at Judas Cove

We weren't the only ones enjoying the views

Closeup of the iceberg

Moving further on the trail we had a nice view on the side of the iceberg

All the time we were wondering if we were looking at the same iceberg from Purcell Harbour from a different angle or a if it was a separate one

But high enough on the trail we saw it were two separate icebergs, the one we saw from Purcell's Harbour the day before can be seen in the background

A7ii + Tamron FE 28-200 Di III RXD and A7Rii + Tamron FE 150-500 Di III VC VXD

More to come :cool: