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Fun with Sony Cameras 2022


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Mmm, just a sobering thought - will thread titles as "Fun with ..." still fit well with the grand plans for this website ... :unsure:


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Not a political statement: I acquired all of these cameras prior to 2022! The oldest of the bunch is the FED-1 (bottom) which was made before WW2. Newest is the Zenit 412, made in 2002. FED-1 and -2 (circa 1957) required extensive restoration and repainting. FED-5s was mostly working as received, but paint and original leatherette body coverings had deteriorated badly. I repainted it, but have not yet decided on replacement body covering. I normally would not expect a "new" 2002 camera to fail, but due to a manufacturing defect, the Zenit 412's rubberized silk shutter broke, so I fabricated a new one.

A7R4 + SEL50M28, focus-stacked from 3 separate images.
_DSC3210 merge only.jpg