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Fun with the Fuji X ___!


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Early 19thC clock made by Ellicott & Taylor, of the Royal Exchange London, removed for restoration funded by a grant from the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers, one of London's most prestigious livery companies. Below the photograph is the story behind the image.
X-T4, XF18/f1.4 iso160 f7.1 5 seconds.

When I arrived to photograph the event, the organiser asked if I could take photos of the clock itself, something I wasn't expecting (I was expecting to photograph people, activities etc but not objects). What to do? Normally, for an item as beautiful as this I would photograph it with my superb XF80/2.8 macro lens which is par excellence when it comes to objects but that was sitting on a shelf back at my house.
Intuitively, I knew that the recently introduced XF 18/f1.4 is such a high quality lens that if I could get close enough and fill the frame I would end up with a very high quality image. My 18mmf1.4 lens is now my 'go to' for event, or reportage as it is insanely sharp wide open, draws beautiful colouration as is very balanced when it comes to contrast. Sure enough, as this photograph shows you can press it into action for other purposes, as well (thank goodness).
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Hi Alan!
Yes, life it is rather good
There's not much to complain about. If I make an effort, I'm sure I'll find something to complain about. But it's not worth the effort.

And I hope all is well with you?

I've had a lot of assignments in my company the last year. My clients seem incapable of understanding that I am now retired.
But it is now my new project, to get my clients to realize what the concept of retirement means. Any week now, I will succeed in this 💪

But I've started to have time to photograph again, and it feels really inspiring!
So I am on my way back to Getdpi


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Hi Ray, good to hear you are well and coming to terms with retirement (even if you need to educate your old clients)!
It really is a great feeling to have all the weight removed from your shoulders. I was lucky that way, just walked out of work on my last day and never looked back :cool:
Looking forward to seeing you more on here.
Yes I am well thanks.


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Complaints aren't what they used to be...

Welcome back.
Thanks Will!

cant see your picture Ray
Thorkil, I have the same problem!
I have tried Edge, Chrome and Brave under Windows on 3 separate computers.
And also Samsungs browser under Android.
No success!

But on my Mac, then it all looks OK???

So it might be something with the code string I use to links pictures from my web site

I will post a question under Bugs&Feedbacks.
Hopefully some answer there



The problem is now fixed!
Thanks to Pegelli for the solution !
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