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Hasselblad 24mm (or 25mm) f2.5V and 135mm f2.5V


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New Hasselblad 24 or 25mm V lens is rumored to be announced this week:

Could it explain what has happened with the 21mm XCD?? Who knows but I'll guess we'll find out.

New 135 is also rumored.


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An XCD 24 has been my dream! Though f/2.5 seems a lofty goal. Of course not worrying about geometric distortion can get you a lot of design flexibility.

Well, I'll be first in line.


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I am not interested in the 28P, as, on my X1D II, magenta cast would need to make an LCC and I am too lazy to do it, but an XCD24 would be perfect for me...... without magenta cast ;)


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I was very much tempted to get the XCD21 , but finally decided against it . I think , it is too wide .
A XCD24 would be nice , yes . Without magenta cast .:oops: WITHOUT ANY CAST .


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These pictures bounced around the net around 04/01. Most felt the 24mm picture was a fake. However I hope the 24mm is in the works. A re-done 135mm? Not sure what you gain with that.

Here is a link to discussion.



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I'm very happy with the XCD21/4. Cropped to square, it nets my goal of an "all digital SWC" with the 907x body; it's just a hair wider, and when lens corrections are performed, the results look very very similar.

A 24mm is close but not quite wide enough.



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I am not interested in the 28P, as, on my X1D II, magenta cast would need to make an LCC and I am too lazy to do it
You might want to try the 28P on your X1D II before dismissing it for that reason. I too thought that the reported magenta cast might be problematic but I decided to take a small gamble on this lens and, so far, the previously reported cast has been a complete non-issue.


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It would be interesting to know the size and the weight of the XCD25 .
f/2.5 at that focal length is going to be big and heavy. I'm impressed that they went for it. The Fuji GF 23 is f/4 and the Leica S 24 is f/3.5. Hassy has the advantage of correcting geometric distortion in post, so that gives them some design flexibility, but still...

And that lens cap probably weighs over 100g :rolleyes:.


Well-known member
Seems to be in stock a few places online

Maybe they did a big production run in advance of release which queued up 28p/90v/38v/55v production for a bit..
Probably a bit long & heavy for me

Steve Hendrix

Well-known member

Goes to a page not found. They do seem to show it in stock.

If one doesn't mind waiting a bit, these can also be ordered via the below link, and you can support both a valuable dealer and the Hasselblad company at the same time!

Steve Hendrix/CI


Well-known member
Looks like a nice lens, one that I would have already pre-ordered from @Steve Hendrix if I didn't already own the "legacy" XCD 4/21 and XCD 3.5/30 (both purchased used from two trusted GetDPI forum members). But who knows - if its performance is comparable in the field, the 25-V might be a good compromise as I often debate whether to take the 21 (a little wide) or the 30 (not quite wide enough) when aiming to pack light. The intermediate focal length may prove to be just right or "not too."

From the published MTF charts the XCD 25-V looks to be quite sharp across the field when stopped down to f/5.6, already showing signs of diffraction on center. Comparing these data with the XCD 21 and XCD 30 - both outstanding optics - takes a bit of imagination, given the different focal lengths and apertures at which the tests were performed (assuming, of course, that these represent actual measurements, which Hasselblad was known to publish for the previous legacy Zeiss lenses). I'm guessing that one will need to split hairs to discern any appreciable difference in sharpness when stopped down to f/8-f/11. Looking forward to seeing some real world images with the new lens...



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On a side note, I still think that software distortion correction needs interpolation and will thus reduce the effective lens resolution.
Would be interesting to see a corrected set of MTFs charts which take into consideration the effect of the distortion correction.

I know this is just a nerdy consideration. Nobody seems to care, as probably software distortion correction makes no meaningful difference on the lens performances nowadays. But just sayin out of curiosity...