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How about some portraits


Well-known member
Yesterday I did my first job since the lockdown in Norway due to the Covid-19 since 12. mars, one of my neighbors son is due for confirmation and I was asked to do the shoot :)

Hasselblad H4D31 - 150mm and 80mm - one Profoto B1
Love these! Great use of the single light - nice to see the H4 - 31 getting some love! Still one of my favorites :)

P. Chong

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I was playing with the 907X/CFV II 50C with the 503CX with a photo buddy, and we asked this young lady (stranger in the cafe) to pose..and she kindly agreed. This was shot with the 503/CFV 50C II, using the Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm at f/2.8.

We missed critical focus, but with 50Mp, and reduced, it looks fine. The old lens renders rather nicely. Her back is the cafe, with their tungsten lighting showing up as very warm. Color balance is based on her t-shirt which is grey. She is facing the natural light, which is very subdued as it was cloudy and raining.



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Actually there was no sharpening applied. The HC 120MM macro lens is razor sharp; I find the same sharpness out of the camera with the Sony 135mm lens.
BTW, thank you for your comment, I’m most appreciative