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Leica M Monochrom review - real life review - part one



Nice write-up and some nice photos showing off the essence of black/white.


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Well done. I like user reviews rather than tech reviews. Nice read. I am still tempted by MM but think in the end I will sell M9 and get new M.


Not at all a stupid question. It is quite serious and earnest. If you do not want to give any reasons, that is fine. :)


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Not at all a stupid question. It is quite serious and earnest. If you do not want to give any reasons, that is fine. :)
I'll paste what I have written in my review text:

I am currently working on several photography projects – so the photographs that I post in these reviews will not be my best shots, as these photographs are only ment to be examples of what the camera is capable of, and, examples on post-processing the raw files that this camera makes.
You can go to and to see some of the work that I previously have done which is not review related. I mostly take pictures of people straight on, and on many occasions I also use a 28mm lens for candid close-ups.

All the work that I have done with the MM so far that I am satisfied with are not published, and won't be published until I'm completely satisfied with the projects in their complete form. My goal is to publish them sometime next summer, but if I'm not satisfied by then they'll be delayed.
Until then I'll just publish some random OK snaps: landscape, fine-art, people/street shots that are excluded from my projects which are OK, and images for my on-going write-up of owning and working with the MM.
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Great write up and everyday I keep itching for the MM more and more.I might just end up selling all my other systems and go 100% Leica and maybe Micro 4/3.


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Well done Borge!! Very good, simple, no nonsense write-up and excellent photography.

Børge: Thanks for sharing your personal experience with the MM, for sharing your pictures and your practical experience regarding PP in LR 4. I really enjoyed the reading!


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Borge - interesting reviews and good clear workflow examples. Lovely old fashioned B&W crispness from this camera.

All the best


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Thanks for your positive feedback.

The MM is by far the most inspiring camera that I've owned. And I love the files from it more and more the more I work with them.