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Leica MM

Best ever digital M

  • Leica M8

    Votes: 5 5.4%
  • Leica M9/p

    Votes: 14 15.2%
  • Leica MM

    Votes: 48 52.2%
  • Leica M (240)

    Votes: 25 27.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Is this the best ever digital M?

What is your choice?






Well-known member
MM and M type240 ;)
If I had to choose just one: M type 240; the MM feels more "classic" but the "M" can do both color and B&W - I would not like be bound to just B&W allways and everywhere


Active member
I decided not to get the M240 because I want to keep my Mono.. if that makes any sense. I knew I'll probably sell the Mono if I got the new M.....which I don't want to do!


Well-known member
In the end I find all 4 cameras great and if there were no MM, new M, or M9 I would be happy with a M8 as well.
I have to say the MM is something special different from most other digital cameras.


I decided not to get the M240 because I want to keep my Mono.. if that makes any sense. I knew I'll probably sell the Mono if I got the new M.....which I don't want to do!
Actually, I want to buy another MM as a back up. I don't know when but it will happen. I have never been so taken with a camera like this one, despite its atrocious price.

Double Negative

Not Available
Hard choice. The M240 improves on the M9/p in several ways, but also adds a bit of cruft that I have very little interest in. Without eyeglasses, I can't read the extra menu options and live view anyway and part of why I like the M9/p is that I don't need glasses to shoot (I use a Walter Eyepiece).

I only choose the M9/p over the MM because it can shoot color and B&W, though from a technical standpoint, the MM sensor/ouput is "better" (sharpness and ISO)... And I enjoy color as much as B&W. Though I would totally dig an MM, no doubt!

Truth be told, I still like my M8, even with some of the issues (UV/IR filters, even lower ISO capability and some ergonomic issues that the M9 resolved). Heck, it does 1/8000s which none of the other bodies do - and if you like to shoot the Noctilux wide open, every bit helps (sans ND anyway). It certainly had glorious output, much like the M9/p. I'm a CCD fan. Sue me.


Actually, I want to buy another MM as a back up.

I sold the M240 and have really been enjoying the Monochrom. The thought of getting another has crossed my mind. I'd have to sell the Summiluxes though to fund it and that ain't happening!
Different horses for different courses, there's no right answer to 'best' ... now if you had asked what was the most special M ... then I would have to say the Monochrom.


New member
I don't know any other M than my monochrom, but color leaves me cold and I can't think of a photograph I can't take with the MM.

I've only used the M240 for about an hour--not enough time for a good assessment--but because it is different than the previous digital M's, it didn't feel comfortable. One of the reasons I moved to Leica was it's simplicity, and the M240 didn't feel simple. I'm assuming with more time with the camera and I would get very comfortable with it. The images being made with it are incredible!

I've been using the Monochrom for about two months now and it is fantastic! The detail in the files seem endless at times. Perhaps the odd one, but I've enjoyed not having to choose between color or b&w--I've spent too much time going back and forth, processing in color and then converting to monochrome--I really like having that choice already made for me. With the MM the biggest challenge for me has been the post-processing and getting to a "look" I like, which I guess is the case with any camera really.

I never thought I'd part with my M9, but I haven't missed it in the least since getting the MM. I do have an M8.2 which was recently CLA'd by Leica and is now my color-only camera. As has been mentioned, the files from the M8.2 at base ISO are pretty awesome, better than the M9 I'd say.

The best ever digital M? It's sitting in Leica's R&D right now!


New member
I must say I agree, my M8 files are excellent, I really don't see a great advantage to buying a M9.
However my M240 files are absolutely stunning, frankly after reading so many reviews that state at base ISO there is very little difference between the M9 and M240, I am blown away by the M240 output. In my experience the M240 files are dramatically better than M9 files.

With that said and with limited exposure to the MM, I would say the design improvements of the M240 body are significant, and a MM based on the new body would be a dream camera.


Well-known member
I thought for sure that I'd be the only M8 vote, but there are others out there :)


Double Negative

Not Available
That's what I'm curious to see... If Leica comes up with a new MM based more on the M240/CMOS platform - or if it was really just a one-off.

Being that the M9 is my favorite, I better get an MM (which is based on it) while I can! :p


Active member
Voted for the M9.

I owned the M8.2 and currently own an M9. Both are great cameras and enjoy the photographs from both models.

Voted for the one that I came to the dance with.


Well-known member
M Monochrome.

From my first M4 to the last M7 and MP film cameras, I think I ran 10 rolls of color film through them ... if that.

I've always associated a M rangefinder with B&W photography. Always.

Color digital Ms felt foreign to me ... a pretty distraction in a camera known to eliminate distractions and forcing a concentration on content.

Not only is the MM the best M, it may be the best 35mm camera I've ever owned ... however, that is based on what and how I like to shoot ... and why.

Converting a M9 or M240 file to B&W is not the same ... IMO, you have to work with a MM for a while to grasp this.

- Marc


New member
Monochrom here.

I've never had so much fun with an M camera. I wasn't sure at first when it arrived. After getting my processing down a bit, some club shooting at iso 5000, even some tripod shooting, and a little printing, I swooned.

I'm sure I could be happy with an M9 or with the M 240, but the Monochrom wins it for now.