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Leica SL3


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Don't bet on fast price reductions. Leica has developed the SL3 to a point where it is really compelling from the getgo both from a lens portfolio, basic features (AF, BSI, size) perspective where I think it will sell well for a while. They will reduce price when sales taper off and inventory is filling up.

This won't happen as fast as with the SL2 which always lagged a bit especially regarding AF and availability of cheaper "kit" lens options - ie non Apo glass for less.

Tried the SL3 too - immediately clear that this is going to sell well.

Fantastic camera, especially now with BSI, better AF and fantastic APO glass incl. the world's first 21mm APO with the newly released super 21 SL.

Almost certain it will take more than a short term few months. More like next year maybe.

The main reason we saw SL2 price reductions was because the product was too much of a hard sell back in the day vs. the compeition outside of the Leica clientele and Leica wanted to grow the market share. In the meantime the successfully developed the Q line into a bestselling product line with the Q2 and Q3 (I hear it even outsells the M) which are all factors, jointly with top of the line product features, which put the Sl3 in a different starting spot vs. the competition. Also they use the best in class Sony 60 megapixel chip, have good enough AF now and also cheaper glass options both with non Apo native and third party L glass. So most SL2 sales channel problem feedbacks have been addressed.

It is a lot more compelling product basically in its third generation and Leica in the meantime further expanded its audience on all fronts - they posted record revenues last year ... so it will take a bit longer for them "needing" to offer discounts to move boxes. The Leica store I visited said they have a good waiting list for it (Milan). They will come, but not in the next months already ... almost sure about this one. Its a keeper camera the moment you handle it!
As I said my SL2-S just works fine for me, so if any SL3 price reductions or bundles start happening in a year from now this is perfectly fine for me!


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Hi all,

I have had the SL3 since last Thursday and have been playing around with it a lot. I also had the SL1 and still have the SL2. (Plus M's and CL)

I agree with the statement that it seems smaller and lighter than the specs. It just feels more compact and to me more comfortable. I typically take an M when I want to travel small and light, but last month I bought the Sigma 28-70mm F2.8 for L mount in anticipation of the SL3 arriving. I have the Leica 24-90mm, but really only use it on assignment where I can drive to, not to carry around.

I also use the SL's for all my old film day lenses, including M, Canon FD, Olympus OM, Nikon manual focus, and Leica R.

I do find it frustrating that the favorites menu is gone, but am now 6 days later, getting used to the new menu, especially since as Jono says, you can flip the screen a bit, and immediately get direct access via the screen view to most of the functions you see surrounding the image.

So yes I do like it, but it took a few days for the new firmware to catch up with the immediately noticeable improvement in size and handling. (does that make sense?)

Anyway, here are few shots, the Karaoke night was at ISO 6400 with the Sigma 28-70mm F2.8, and the other two are using the Olympus OM 50mm F1.2 manual focus lens. The flowers at F1.2, and the sky view at F5.6.

I also like it a lot with the small CL/TL lenses and M lenses.

Sometimes when I buy new stuff, the next day I wonder why did I do that. It didn't happen to me with the SL3, I'll probably sell the CL and the SL2 now.




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Still waiting on a local SL3 to arrive and hope it’s a demo model. I don’t have high hopes since my local camera store was unwilling to allow me to demo their M11 Monochrom without a non-refundable deposit… so naturally I just bought on the internet. I just kinda felt like it was their problem if they were willing to walk away from $8k+.

The SL3 seems like a good addition and my ONLY disappointments are that they didn’t go with a sensor that has a faster readout for video purposes… like the Sony A1 sensor and that they didn’t go for dual CF Express slots instead of mixed slots.
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I still think that the SL3 would be a nice next step for my photography and a bit video work. Still hoping to get some nice package offers in a year or so ....


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Leica could have led with new tech and instead they have left out tech, multi shot.
No focus bracketing, which is pretty standard on modern mirrorless cameras.
Can’t tell if they dropped the self timer back to a separate exposure mode which can’t be used besides single exposure.
SL3 self timer times are 2 sec, 6 sec and 12 sec. 6 sec is welcomed addition. I got mine on day one and am happy to have preordered months ago.

ASA price reductions-it could be a long wait, not just a few months. The SL2S and SL2 package reductions have been ongoing since it was clear an SL3 was on the horizon and soon to be released. So did the SL2 come out in 2019 or 2020. That is a long time ago so the package deals started when in early 2023?
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