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Make space for ... the Alpa Monochrom!

Steve Hendrix

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I learned a long, long time ago when you ask a photographer "Why", you do so in order to learn, not in order to question. Now - on occasion I have had to question some of my clients, but just for their own good. ;)

There are as many ways to photograph as there are photographers. I was curious about this, however, so I had to grab one of our swivel (shift) sticks and see if it fit, it did. Knowing the thread needed, I suppose one could fashion all sort of little focus handles that might even work better.

BTW - HPF does fit with X Shutter, so if anyone wanted to add that, yes you can.

And when it comes to iPhone Holders, hey - make us an offer!

Steve Hendrix/CI


Paul Spinnler

Well-known member
There are two shift sticks - 25mm and 18mm I think; so already within the Alpa world you have a shorter and a longer option. I find that the 25mm works well for SB17 ans SB34 lenses on the TC, so wouldn’t go shorter here as precisely 2.5cm protrudes perfectly above the fingers wrapped around the grip as shown in the GIF I uploaded earlier in the thread.

On the other side on the Max and Plus the longer shift stick hits the arm grips on SB17 lenses, but since there are two holes in a HPF ring you can, by playing with the orientation of the lens, put the stick in enough of a “free roaming arc position” before hitting the arm grip so that it is still very useful. You can also remove one grip on one side, which also makes the cameras smaller to pack, especially the Plus.

The short shift stick on the other hand would probably work well on the max and plus, but would have to test this.

It significantly increases focusing comfort in the field when you look at live view in the back and have a little stick protruding at the top which you can easily nudge to get “micrometric” focus adjustments. It is really a pleasure in the field.

Notwithstanding this use case, HPF rings increase grip / ease of use of focusing, especially with X shutter lenses mounted. On the XT, which I also have, I would have preferred a bit bigger focusing knobs on the standard helicoids, so here the Alpa in my book has a clear advantage with the ability to add shift sticks or any stick for that matter as Steve pointed out.

The iPhone holder is great with Cascable as a small field monitor and I would assume that with the IQ5 we will hopefully see better connectivity options, including Bluetooth, faster Wi-Fi etc which should allow for more advanced modular integration of Phase One backs
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From the HB thread, but I didn't want to get too far off topic there:
With the STC, if you remove all tripod dovetails, you can shoot handheld with 5mm rise which is also nice when walking around a bigger city with skyscrapers, etc.
The one issue with the STC is the grip position for rise/fall. The standard STC grip ends up on the bottom of the camera. You need one of the 040.8xx series of grips, which ends up making the camera a bit wider. Another answer is a hand strap. Alpa used to sell them, but I don't think they do anymore. Any old hand strap from Peak Design or Promaster works. The contraption looks something like this with a hand strap and connections for lenses equipped with a Copal shutter (minus the tripod):


Jeeze; where has the cleaning crew been??

Edit: Note I've rotated the lens so the shutter release is along the bottom. I don't have the electronic grip. For Copal shutters, I find it best to fire the shutter with the forefinger of my left hand as it supports the bottom of the camera. I cock the shutter with the forefinger of my right hand.


Paul Spinnler

Well-known member
Dave, I hope the dust is not indicative of Alpa neglect!

Yes, the hand strap might be an ideal solution as it keeps the camera compact when packing ... need to check it out