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MFDB Sensor Care


Hello. I've been using digital backs for years but this is really the first time I have to do some cleaning.

There are a few specks of dust on my Credo back, and you can see spots from resulting images. This looks like something I can simply dust off using a Lenspen brush, or a blower.

Do I really need to use the official cleaning solution?

Would love to hear from everyone how else do you care for your sensors.

PS: I'm aware that blower is not recommended. What about using a Lenspen brush to gently brush it off?
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I primarily use a rocket blower every time I move the back between cameras, and that takes care of 95% of dust issues. For the tough spots I use an arctic butterfly.. I haven't had to do a wet cleaning in years.



Blower used regularly, then wet cleaning w kit from Capture Integration with a plastic full width blade, covered w special lint free fabric, and alcohol based solution. Rarely ever use the other, soapy solution.