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Mount Fuji Active … 📸


Hi Frederic,

in all honesty it's not bitingly sharp but I like it nonetheless.
If shift is not required you perhaps better look at the Laowa 19mm GFX f/2.8 Zero-D.

From a while back:

All the best.
Thanks much Knorp !
For some reasons I missed your answer…

I’d prefer a shift lens but have developed a workaround with my GF23 while waiting for the elusive TS30 😁
I simply take a straight shot and a second one, slightly tilted, to grab the top of my subject if necessary. Combining those with photomerge yields better results than my Canon ts24 & 17.

According to your answer I should probably test both the 19 & 20 now.


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The XPan is a strange camera Hasselblad badged made by Fuji- not 35mm (in wide mode ) more than half a 645 film negative so I guess in today's terms qualifies as MF. Qualifies for posting in Mt Fuji Active - since Fuji was its true provinance- ahh where would be without all those very clever Swedish 'designers' of lenses and cameras???

XPan11 with 45mm and the (then) cheapo deluxo Fuji Superia...


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A couple of shots using a Tamron 100-400 with Fringer AF adapter on the GFX 100s. Auto focus works well and sharpness generally OK. A little extreme corner vignetting at 400mm.

A framed triptych at 135mm

Flowers at 400mm
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