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Negative feedback!!!


New member
wow, what a twisted story this has become. let's just say in the end he recovered six hundred dollars. seems more than fair to me and his criticism, if partly fair, certainly not the whole story. i regret the whole mess.


New member
You as a senior member really disappointed me in this forum! You were not honest and did not take your responsibility. If Paypal did not force you, you would not partially refund my loss. You still owe me money.

Alexandre Costa

New member
I would like to give a negative feedback to the Member "Bruno".

In November last year i made a trade with him, a Leica M3 for a Zeiss Ikon.

When i received the camera, there was a little problem, the AE lock button was stuck, and i immediately replied to Bruno, and he said that the camera was fine, but that didn't bother me a lot, then after 5 or so rolls of film, i detected another problem, the left sides of the film had a strange overexposed thing:

I sent another email to him asking what the hack was this and he replied "I don't know, I think You are complaining without knowledge."

Then i told him that i was going to my local repairman to see if i could solve this problem and after that i would send him the bill, he replied:

"Completely NO.

Star watching the pictures, last before sent to You:"


He sent me the camera without spoon and he told me: "Go **** yourself".

I've never had that problem You can see my pictures on the Flickr.


New member
Blatant scam by member juyjoy also known as mary joy florece from the Philippines (probably not a real name). We were going to trade her 50mm summilux asph for my 35 lux and 50 cron. she sent me the following photo along with closer images of the lens as proof that she had the lens.

DSC02015 by jon.manes, on Flickr

a lot of what she was saying did not add up. i tried to cancel and She claimed she shipped it already via fedex and had the receipt with her but when i asked to see it, it was at home. I decided to go on with the deal because she had already shipped and i did not want to screw her out of shipping costs, i only asked that she show me the fed ex receipt. but then the package was delivered back to her house by accident... within a day of being dropped off. she then said not to worry her cousin was going to drop it back off and probably already had... but is was very late over there so the timing did not add up. i thought about it for an hour or so had a really bad gut feeling and told her i was cancelling, i didn't trust the deal or her. she did a very good job of making me feel like i was wrong for not trusting her and her cousin already shipped it and she would show me the shipping details soon, she sent me the shipping label and i apologized and said i would ship... again she had me. but after further review she did not claim a value for customs and claimed it as accessories... it just did not add up. i told her to reclaim her package and offered to pay for her shipping costs if she would send me receipts. she would not send me the receipts even then claiming I told her if it got here i would ship my lenses to her but i did not trust it and had a bad gut feeling. she got mad and did a very good job of making me feel guilty for not trusting her. we cancelled the deal and she was going to reclaim her package and sell it to a more 'reliable' person... i felt bad but had to trust my gut.

Her package actually shipped though, i guess she could not stop it. it came in today. my wife got it and opened it.

imagejpeg_2 by jon.manes, on Flickr

it was a small heavily used vice in a box. completely blatant scam.

here is all the info i have about this person hopefully it helps someone else prevent a scam from this person. no doubt they will create a new user id and email and use a new name, the address though that is were they wanted it shipped so i would look out for that.

member name Juyjoy
email used: [email protected]
shipping details and phone number used.
Mary Joy Florece
328 San Agustin Street, Bolante 2
Brgy. Palatiw, Pasig City
Metro Manila, NCR
Philippines, 1600


New member
Jon, that was a blatant scam. Any honest person would not have problem sending you the Fedex receipt, along with the declared custom value. Leica users is a small bunch, and I think we all treasure our little lenses. I would have walked out on the deal after she failed to present the receipt for the first time. Fedex cost on her be damned--scammers have to pay the cost of business too.


I am in the midst of a very disappointing experience -- one I hope will improve.

I recently bought a Nikon Coolscan 9000 through a posting here. I received the scanner, but it would not show up on my computer. I have several computers so I tried the scanner on all of them, but no computer shows it as connected. I took out a Coolscan 8000 I had "mothballed" and tried to connect that one. Each computer recognized it with no problem. So, I then go to the troubleshooting procedure outlined by Nikon (power on scanner, power on computer, run Nikon Scan, see if scanner found). Scanner passes its "post" test but seems to have a problem with the firewire port (as best I can tell from web threads re: 9000). After going through this testing and confirming the problem resides with the scanner and not my computer(s), I have now tried to alert the seller of the problem to inquire what position he will take. I am waiting to hear back.

Here is a link to the posting:

In fairness to the seller, it has only been a couple of days since I reached out to him (he acknowledged my initial communication) so he may well intend to take care of this properly (i.e., pay for repair by Nikon or accept return). So, at the moment, this post should be regarded only as potential negative feedback on an expensive purchase (at least to me).
I'd wait before posting this type of thing as it is very premature.


New member
Seller: oliver-lott
Buyer: jonw
Item: brass soft shutter release

It was a small dollar amount but I feel the seller handled the transaction poorly and he has sold quite a few of these here. I received the item and it would not screw into the shutter on my XPro 1 and I also tried it on several other film cameras that I have and it would not work on them either. Contacted the seller and he asked the obvious questions, whether I had tried it on other cameras which I explained that I had. Well he has ignored my messages and emails so I guess it will not get resolved. Like I said it is a small dollar amount but he handled this transaction poorly and I want other members to be aware.
Negative feedback
User name:MKK
original link:Creo IQsmart3 scanner
Don't make deal with MKK.I think he will waste your time and money.
When I Exchanged foreign currency to pay by paypal.He cancel the deal.Let me transfer money to him by bank.I think there is some problems.I insist on paying by paypal.So I think there is a faker.
Remind everyone!!!!!!!!!!


Negative feedback
User name:MKK
original link:Creo IQsmart3 scanner
Don't make deal with MKK.I think he will waste your time and money.
When I Exchanged foreign currency to pay by paypal.He cancel the deal.Let me transfer money to him by bank.I think there is some problems.I insist on paying by paypal.So I think there is a faker.
Remind everyone!!!!!!!!!!
I insist on me shipping the scanner delivered to your home address. You want to save delivery fees in Hong Kong by picking up the scanner yourself from the airport. I understand your wish to save some money, but you do not understand my wish to want proof on receipt of the scanner, something I will not have if the machine is only delivered to HK airport.

If you want payer protection, by all means you can have it, but that works both ways.

And talking about time wasting....


And by the way, I neither cancelled the deal nor did I insist on a bank transfer. I only said bank transfer if you refuse home delivery. Not difficult to understand is it?


Buyer: youngeajoy
Seller: Me

I responded to buyer’s WTB ads at this FS or WTB thread (*original-black-paint*-leica-m.html) by offering him a mint refurbished black paint M2 which I bought several years ago from a seller in Germany. The camera has an * after the S/N and a “L” seal. From what I know about the * , the intact “L” seal and from the original Germany seller, I know this camera was refurbished (restored) by Leica factory. I told the buyer the same story and sent him four high resolution photos of the top, front, back and bottom views of camera. The seller did not ask any question about the camera after he received the photos but kept negotiating about the sell price. Finally we reached an agreement on the sell price. The camera was shipped and he was happy after receiving it.
A week later, the buyer e-mailed me that he was told the camera was not an original Leica BP M2 because it has a chrome film advance lever cover (screw) and a short fat film advance lever. I told him that this was the way when I bought it and the silver cove and lever were shown very clearly on the photos I sent him before the purchase was made. Anyhow, he was very unhappy about it and asked for a return and refund. Base on goodwill. I accepted his request for return.

My nightmare began when the shipment arrived. The camera with the M2 marker box was enclosed in a DHL express yellow plastic envelop without any padding or protective material (see photos attached). It was declared as “Sample of camera (gift)” with a value of USD 30.00.The marker box was torn apart, the form inserts attached to the top cover came off. Further inspection of the camera found that there are straps marks on the top plate above the strap lugs, brassing on the strap lugs, one plastic bumper missing from the back door and light scratches on the back door and bottom plate. All these marked indicated that the camera has been used. I informed the buyer by e-mail of the received condition and told him that I cannot accept the return as the camera is not in the same as it was sold and the way the camera shipped without any proper protection is unacceptable. The next thing I know was that he filled a claim with PayPal complaining that the camera was “not as described” and asked for refund. Now, the case is in expert hands of PayPal. I can only hope for the best, but one thing will never change: I end up with a mint minus camera and a broken M2 box.

The buyer is based in Shanghai, China. I did a search on this thread and find that he is new member and has about 40+ postings, of which about 20+ of the postings are WTB equipments ranging from Leicia to Relleiflex and Hassalblad. Look like he is on a shopping spree.

So sellers beware! Nothing wrong if a buyer can afford anything he wants to buy. Just make sure you cover all ground before you ship to foreign land. Our norms of doing business in this forum and community may not be observed in that part of the world.

Administrator: I am not sure this is the right place to post my selling experience with the buyer, but I feel obligated to give our members a head up when dealing with this buyer as I do not wish any of our members have the same miserable encounter I have.