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New 27" monitor needed for iMac user. Recommendations?


I have a late 2014 iMac 27 inch 5k with 24GB Ram and a 4 GHZ Quad-Core Intel Core i7, with a 3TB Fusion Drive. I use LR, Capture One and other photo apps (no video), and have an external G-Raid 12TB Thunderbolt drive for my photos.

The system performs "ok" but can drag using LR sometimes. My bigger issue is the monitor - there is burn in on the right side of the screen that is distracting when editing photos and doing other things. I am thinking of either getting a second monitor to use for photo editing, or just waiting for the new iMacs with the new M chips.

If I go the monitor route (which I could use even if I eventually get a new iMac), I am thinking of getting a 27" monitor and running it from my iMac. The Eizo ColorEdge CG279X looks really nice. One question I have is the resolution - it's a lot lower than my iMac, but I don't hear about any complaints about the Eizo's resolution? I have also read that 4k resolution (which the Eizo does not have) is not ideal at 27", although I am not sure I understand why. I also looked at the BenQ although the reviews are a lot more mixed.




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I had a CG279 that was getting long in the tooth and just bought a 27" LG Ultrafine 5K to replace it. Have to say I like the new monitor a LOT. The net binned resolution makes the working space about the same total size between them, but the added resolution makes the 5K so much crisper, especially on smaller text and finer 100% and even 200% editing views in C1 or PS look amazing. The LG is half the cost of a new Eizo CG, though does not have a built in profiling head. I bought a new EyeOne Display Plus --about $280-- as it's designed for the newer super-bright HDR-capable monitors, and have to say it works as well as the built-in Eizo head did.

My only complaint about the LG is it did not come with a hood and I could not find a dedicated one for it, so I had to fabricate one.