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New Cambo Technical Cameras Product Updates

Guy Mancuso

Administrator, Instructor
It has indents at landscape and portrait but rotates freely so you can stop anywhere you need. Absolute need for Rodenstock 23 we found huge flare spot testing that lens without shade. Steve Hendrix will post a thread on this issue. But you can get a nasty flare spot on that lense regardless of mount but the shade does eliminate it.


Workshop Member
not so nice to see they copied so much of my I-phone holder design; surprised they didn't label it the "clam"


New member
Well jlm,
I was kinda wondering if they had colaborated with you.

yours is still the superior design with the tilt adjustment.


I've noticed that this compendium also works with wide angle lenses.
So it will work with my Rodie 32mm.
But is it possible to use Lee filters in the compendium filter holder when using it with the 32mm ?
I mean if it is needed to put the lens inside the compendium and retract it at max to not get it in the image (especially when stitching), then it won't be possible to place a filter in the compendium holder anymore (hope I explain it clearly).


You can use the compendium with the 32. However, you can't use Lee filters. the lens is protruding significantly into it.