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New Paper: Innova Fibaprint Warm Cotton Gloss


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After Vincent mentioned this paper on this thread:, I decided to try some for myself. It's tough to display how a paper looks online, so I do my best explaining it in terms of other papers you might know.

First off, my favorite papers are the baryta or coated fiber rag papers. My current favorites in that group are Epson Exhibition Fiber (EFP) and Canson Platine Fiber Rag (CPFR). Comparing this duo, the EFP is whiter and sharper than CPFR and has a slightly smoother or less textured surface. The CPFR is slightly warm and has a slightly more textured surface than EFP, and prints with slightly lower contrast, likely due to the less bright surface. Both have fairly subtle surface texture compared to other fiber based papers, which is another reason I prefer them.

Now enter Innova Fibaprint Warm Cotton Gloss. It is first a clearly warmtone paper, being a full notch warmer than CPFR. Historically I have not been overly impressed with dedicated warmtone offerings form other manufacturers, however I like this one a lot! Its base color seems to be perfect for warm B&W's, giving blacks and grays noticeable warmth while keeping the high grays and whites looking clean and un-muddied. It's surface is very similar to the CPFR, yet it prints almost as sharp as the EFP. Interestingly, even though it is warmer than CPFR, it at the same time prints with more apparent contrast. One main criteria I look for in a paper is the ability to hold shadow detail. All three of these papers do this extremely well which makes them well suited for lower saturation or monochrome prints. Since warm papers scream monochrome to me, I printed this B&W image on all three to compare:

All three look great, but the warmth of the Innova FWCG adds something special to it; not a nostalgic sepia, but more a subtle warmth that mimics the sensation of the heat and humidity in the swamp while I captured it. In short I like this paper a lot, so now there is a third art paper in my stable; it falls closely within my previous two favorites while adding the extra dimension of a believable warmth.

If you like warmer papers, try some of this new Innova for yourself and report back!


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Did you generate a custom icc profile for this paper? I didn't see a stock icc profile on the Innova website....