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Portraits of Your Gear


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It's really tough to follow Jurgen's 1957 Hasselblad SW with a CFV back....

My bit of gear is not exotic, expensive, old, rare or beautiful.....but for a Pentax 67 lens, it is not easy to find and is by all accounts, very good. I have looked for this lens, off and on, for a few years. Pretty much gave up looking last year, figuring my P67 lens collection was as complete as it was ever going to be. But after seeing another post on the Pentax MF Forum about this lens, I decided to check KEH once again. Couldn't believe my luck. They had TWO of them....I quickly put the EX+ lens in my cart and checked out. It arrived today. I only wish I had a Pentax 645D to put it on. Perhaps I will try it on the D800E instead and someday, when I'm really ambitious, on my Pentax 67. ;)

Pentax 67, SMCP 100mm f4 macro
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That lens looks like new . It seems to me that you have a lucky hand for good second hand lenses . :thumbup: Congratulation .
I think of your HASSELBLAD 500mm TESSAR you could aquire some time ago . I never saw a 500mm TESSAR for such a reasonable price .


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Thanks Jurgen! I have been lucky, in so many ways. The Hasselblad 500mm Tessar C* is a beauty for sure and at that price, I just couldn't say no.

Here is a more recent addition to my Pentax 645 system, the well regarded 35mm SMCP-A lens. The 645 is a really fine is one of the most comfortable and natural cameras to hold that I have ever owned.

The temptation to buy a Pentax 645D increases every day.....but knowing I would have to sell something to afford a new 645D makes it a really tough decision.




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Gary, except for one Mamiya 6 body and the 75mm lens, I sold everything in that picture above to buy my 645D. I don't regret it at all. And the A 35mm works really nicely on the 645D. BTW, I made back the money I spent on the 645D in about a year and a half worth of film and processing costs if I had shot the same number of frames on my medium-format film cameras.