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PS CC getting slow


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Well it isn't actually the latest version that's the problem but even the 2018 release it seems. I don't use PS at all really. I only use it to use a plugin called "Sharpen4Web" that my brother who I do some side work for likes. I get NEF images that are shot from a D750 Nikon and the last step is to watermark the images and reduce for web size.

So as of today it barely works, very slow to open an image much less multiple images and this is trying three versions of PS CC. It has in past weeks been extremely fast to downsize sharpen and water mark.

My first thought was the world is online getting Corona Virus info but all other apps that use the web are very very fast. It's PS that is the dog. Ideas? Google says all 2019 CC users complain of speed, mine was fine till it wasn't.

To resolve this issue i downloaded latest version of gimp and its working better than photoshop cc

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I haven't had the problem. Sounds like your PS got corrupted somehow and maybe needs a purge and reinstall.


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I can confirm that some of the newer NG behaviour based antivirus applications do causes PS 2021 to feel sluggish. That’s due to PS is doing a lot of weirdness in the background which some analytics engines in the AV agents is working hard to process.
Especially in corporate environments this can be very clear. Adding exclusions for PS to reduce some checks can be done.
It’s worth taking into account, both in private and corporate installations.


at any given time i am usually running 3 programs when working images concurrently
1- ACDsee my light table (current revision supporting my cameras raw view)
2- DxO Photolab 4 (current version supporting my cameras raw input for conversion most of the time)
3- PScc other image raw conversions not supported by DxO, finishing then output.

considering the age of my current CPU i have no real complaints
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