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Share your Tree Photos


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Actually I don't use any! :ROTFL:

I will explain later, I have to go out for a while.
Btw, thank's for the arm twist Bart! :cool:
Hi there Alan, hopefully you don't really feel this like an 'arm twist'. Rather see it as a compliment !



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Right Bart, it goes something like this....
Open file
Apply filmic rgb module and adjust roughly to taste
Apply film preset (bottom l/h corner, I use across a lot)
Adjust filmic
Apply exposure module if required
Apply contrast equaliser as required
Apply tone equaliser as required
Apply split toning to taste
Apply sharpening to taste
I also use crop and rotate, lens correction and perspective correction as required.

There is a good series of utube tutorials by "Bruce Williams Photography" that will take you through the modules (plus masking), note that the rgb workflow is new in 3.0 and is at the end of Bruces tutorials (go there first).
Hope that helps.
It is a bit heavy going at first but once you grasp what is going on it gets much easier, there are a lot of modules and I am still experimenting with some (not mentioned here). Give me a shout as you progress and we can compare notes.
Thanks a lot for giving me a head start, Alan.
Now I only need to find some time as my dad [91] is feeling poorly lately and has been hospitalised yesterday.

Kind regards.


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One other thing Bart, in Global Preferences under the core options tab, untick the three "auto-apply basecurve/camera basecurve/sharpening before you start.

Apologies to all for the little "off piste" tour!


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Wednesday I was in Goch (Germany) visiting an old relative (the grandson of a brother of my grandfather) and in his front yard he had a special chestnut tree. One side died due to artillery shells during the war in 1945, but the other side is still alive. You can still see the impacts on the "dead" side after 75 years.

Half dead


Both A7ii + Voigtländer Nokton 35/1.2 II


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from yesterday...

Polaroid SLR670m
Polaroid Originals SX-70 Color
Scanned with Impossible app
Processed with SnapSeed

enjoy! G