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Show or tell us: your OMD with grip (Oly or Milich)


Jonas: the Milich grip is specified as 80g, I think. Just weighed mine at 78g.

It took me a while to find a good way to use the grip, especially since I find the strap placement suboptimal. Now it doesn't leave the camera. Stabilizes well enough for my Leica 80-200/4, which is the biggest lens I use on the OM-D.

Btw Jonas, I will be briefly in Gothenburg on the 4th of August. If you want to try the grip just send me a pm.


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FYI: if you're talking about the RRS camera plates: they emailed me that they didn't get enough interest for it, so won't be making it, despite the owner having received his OMD. Good old supply and demand issue!


However, from photo still can't tell color. Is it just anodized aluminum color?
pretty much. The first gen was darker, but a bit slick. I guess that's another downside I hadn't considered, it doesn't quite match anything, heh.


Hello everyone... I've been "lurking" here for some time but felt compelled to write in with my first post offering my 2 sense on John's OMD grip.

First let me just say that before purchasing one, I decided to avail myself of the opportunity to give John a buzz as he too is located in Brooklyn. He was very gracious and invited me to stop by his STATE-OF-THE-ART metal fabrication business (located in the iconic Brooklyn Navy Yard since the early 80's). John caters to high-end architectural clients requiring custom designed and machined / fabricated metal-work (read $1M custom designed staircases, etc). His 10,000 sq. ft. facility features state-of-the-art CNC, water jet, laser cutting machinery as well as the traditional metal working machinery of the trade. John employs 10 full time skilled craftsmen here. To say that I was impressed with his facility would be a gross understatement. This was my first clue that John knows what he's doing...

The second clue? How about the fact the he's an avid photographer that shoots with top-end gear (Leica M / digital, Phase One 65, Rolleiflex, Sony NEX and of course the OLY OMD -- which he asserted was his "favorite"). With this in mind, I'm sure that many of you already own his other custom designed photo gadgets (Leica M adapters, etc). The guy is a genius and at this point I was feeling real lucky to have him in my back yard!

Getting back to reality, I finally had an opportunity to have a look and get my hands on his latest OMD grip. As many have already opined, it's jewel-like and beautifully designed / machined. Although well finished, it still retains a sort of industrial look to its "polished" anodized finish.

Without getting into all of the details of how I use it and which fingers go where, let me just say that it just works. I'm a pro photographer and I shoot A LOT of images at any given time. Without John's grip I often felt that the OMD was going to slip out of my hand -- tiny and slippery as it is. With the grip installed the camera feels VERY secure and snug in my hand and although it obviously adds more "bulk" to the OMD's tiny dimensions, the camera / grip combo have a stealthy feel to them. Do I miss having an additional shutter release button?!? NOPE.

What else is really cool about John's grip? How about that changing the battery or switching SD cards is a cinch? No need to remove the grip to get at either. Despite that the bottom plate doesn't extend the full width of the OMD's base (which I initially thought would irritate me to no end) the camera & grip combo is well balanced and when in use, feels like a natural extension of my hand.

Anything bother me about it? Yeah, I don't like the fact that one has to carry the right sized allen wrench along in order to remove it. That said, unless you're simply sick and tired of the visual aesthetic with the grip installed, one really wouldn't have a practical reason to remove it. Right?!? Price?!? John's rate is $200 / hour. Considering the level of sophistication and CUSTOM design that's gone into his [100% US manufactured] grip (now in its second iteration), and the fact that it's CNC machined out of billet aircraft grade aluminum, anodized and then custom fitted with the strap thingy, etc, I consider it a bargain. :thumbup:

Enough said. John's grip is a winner in my humble opinion. Here's a pic of my OMD / Milich Grip.



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Anodizing formula has been adjusted and now the parts are jet black. The grip portion also has a textured surface.


FYI: if you're talking about the RRS camera plates: they emailed me that they didn't get enough interest for it, so won't be making it, despite the owner having received his OMD. Good old supply and demand issue!
I also received such an email, but it was the L-plate to go onto the OMD+HLD-6 that they abandoned. They are going forward with the modular l-plate and grip to go directly on the OMD.


In terms of grip choice, I decided to stay with the HLD-6 for now as I find I prefer both parts of the grip. Mainly, because it rests in my hand better. First, the additional vertical grip portion gives something for my pinkie finger to hook on. Without the vertical portion I find there is nothing for it to grab. Second. the end of the vertical grip rests against the palm of my hand allowing for an easier, more relaxed grip. I did find a generic L-plate, the Sunwayfoto DPL-01, that works well with the HLD-6. The only problem being that it blocks the battery door. In terms of batteries. the HLD-6 is annoying, but once I actually get a spare from Olympus, it will just head out with two and that should last the day. If not, I will replace the one in the camera as that is the easiest with full grip and l-plate on.


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It seem as we all like our grips. I wonder if anyone tried both the available ones and can post a sensible comparison?

@pgmj; Thank you for your kind offer. I already have the Olympus grip (or the HLD-6) and I'm happy with it. I have a friend though who wants my opinion on grips so I'll send you a PM.


Hi Tom:

I ordered the OM-D with the Olympus grip before Jim had his version available.
The camera with the upper portion of the grip feels great, with much improved ergonomics compared to the "naked" camera.

Unlike most people, I really don't care for the handling with the bottom battery compartment attached, so it's never on the camera. But yes, changing the battery is a minor PITA. I really like having the extra shutter release and control wheel on the grip, but I may get one of Jim's grips if changing the battery really starts bothering me.

Some pics

This one wins the beauty contest, in my view. Very nice.

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typically i don't make a product like this grip unless i see an oversight in what is available. the time, the Oly grip was in very short supply, cost over $350, covered the battery, bulked up the camera, still has the tripod mount off the lens center, has no hand strap provision or Arca plate gooves, etc.

I agree it looks appealing; personally, I would never buy one for such a trim camera as the OMD.

the point was to offer a different choice in grip and features and get it out there asap


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Hello all.
New poster here. I just ordered the black, OMD grip from Jlm.
The workmanship and fit looks good so I became a customer.
My first micro 4/3s camera...OMD will be here tomorrow, and I know ahead of time I'll need a grip.

I presently have a Sony Nex5n that I am in the process of selling.
The IQ and high ISO is great but the AF drove me up the wall, hunt, hunt, focus refocus, waaay too slow and the lens selection is not the best.
From what I've researched of the OMD, it should work out just dandy. :grin:


Your first post ever sounds too much like advertising for my taste.
Hello AnnaT,

Wow :wtf:. Sorry you feel that way. Rest assured that I am in no way affiliated with John or his products and I paid full price for my grip ($125). NO DISCOUNT either.

That said, I'm somewhat of a perfectionist and before committing to buying John's grip, I wanted to see it in person and try it out. I'm just as busy as the next guy, but still took the time to go over and meet john and see his facility. As stated in my "ad", I was very impressed with John and his business and wanted to share my first hand experience. If you're looking for a functional and well thought out grip alternative to the OLY or other offerings out there, John's is absolutely first rate. :thumbup:

Sure hope this clears the air for you. This is supposed to be fun for me, and I'm not looking for confrontation. Just trying to be helpful (responding to the "show or tell us" thread request).

Oh, and I also took the time out of my life to photograph the grip on my own OM-D (like the others here that were kind enough to share their personal experiences).

Cheers- :salute:



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HAving the Oly grip and using the shutter release on the grip all the time I wonder how good you reach the shutter release button with the JM grip?


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John's design is like the Leica grip design which add more grabbing surface for larger hands, but no extra controls. The Oly grip has a little protrusion at the top (where the controls are) that naturally forces you to hold it lower. Grips like John's basically enlarge the existing handholds, so you hold the camera the same way (almost) you would without the grip. WHen mine arrives, I will post some shots of my hand holding the camera with the grip on.