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Sigma DP3M


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The DP3 lens creates beautiful sunstars as low as f3.5! It's one of my favorite things about this camera/lens. Kind of an odd design choice, given its tag as a macro lens, since the 7-bladed straight aperture blades create polygonal bokeh balls if you stop down from f2.8. But it works for me on landscapes and night shots like this, because I love the sunstars. Most of the shots I was taking on this night were lower f-stops so that I could take longer exposures.

Market Street Bus Stop by Graham Gibson, on Flickr


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When I want to record flowers, I reach for my DP3M

... and yes, I know I need to clean my windows (in the spring!).


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Thanks, and yes I too like the matte effect of the windows better than a clean, clear one.

The internal slat blinds came with the house and they are very convenient.