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slow day here...


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Here's something that is unlikely to happen with this hobby we have :salute:

A6000 + MB Speedbooster + OM Zuiko 100/2.8

Rijkdom = Wealth/riches/opulence, but health and happiness beat it any day :)
A rather clever use of discarded skis. Taken near the ski resort at Gore Mountain, NY. I wonder if anyone will think of an equally ingenious use for DSLRs when they no longer have enough MP or DR or sensor size or frames/sec or etc.

Jono: enjoy 60, it just gets worse. :) just gets BETTER!! Or is it that I, at 76 on Feb. 17, am still waiting for it to get better?? In either event, I'm still able to walk, talk, and take nourishment. :D
Street in front of the house; neighborhood was built in 1958.. Neighbor's oranges; they're DELICIOUS!! My house, purchased in 1980 and remodeled many times.. All from 5DSR and Otus 55/1.4.. FWIW, that orange tree is to the right of the house on the right of the top pic and to the left of my house, the pic on the bottom.


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