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Technical cameras – getting started. wide-angle lenses and color cast


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How about Horseman SW-D II? Rodenstock 24/35/45/55mm which is reasonable prices now?
Huyu, I really like my Horseman SW612 for 120 roll-film but would not recommend the SW-D II digital version as the basis of a digital system now.

Refer to this forum thread from March 2023: Horseman SW D, DB mount question.

My comment there was:
However, today you would be better off buying one of the Cambo WRS cameras.
Cambo WRS cameras are current products, are in plentiful supply used, offer much easier and faster lens interchange and, depending on the model, larger shift movements.
Cambo is a very active manufacturer, builds excellent products and offers excellent customer support.



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I'm looking to get into the tech cam world – coming over from a Sinar F2 and Leica M system – but is a $6,500 HR Digaron-W 40 mm f/4,0 the only good way to make wide-angle images with modern backs (excluding the IQ4)? I'd love to be able to get in at around $10k total budget (Arca Rm3di, IQ160 or CFV II 50c back, and a lens), but this is seeming like a stretch.
Hi @mccuskerj,
Welcome to the forum, if you are interested, for a first experience I have a CAMBO WRS + 55 sironar Rodenstock + Phase one IQ1, 2, 3, 4 plate for sale.
Send me your email, for photos.


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I am late to the party here, but TBH, any BSI sensor digital back + Capture One / Phocus can deal with any distortion or vignetting with these technical or even ultimate LF lenses. They were over-engineered for film and also mostly for digital.

My longest tech lenses are all Grandagons, and TBH, good enough for me. The 32 HRW and 90 HR are, obviously, my keep-for-life lenses, and maybe just a crop from 150mp. But don't underestimate those longer lenses out there.