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The Leica Picture Thread


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We planned a French themed garden lunch a week in advance, but being Vancouver (a city built in a coastal rainforest) - then it rained! So we hosted it indoors.

My wife cut the garden flowers and brought them in, and of course out came the camera. M11 with 35mm F1.4 Steel Rim version, wide open at F1.4. They are slightly cropped and also lightened in the corners a bit in PS. (About +1.3 exposure in camera)




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very painterly look. well done!!!!
Thank you, Jeff. Actually it's a matter of 'well seen' or should I say 'well waited'.
I stood there for at least 15 or 20 minutes waiting for that short sun burst to come through.
Accidentally I too caught that 'one swallow' and a passing train ... :)

All the best.