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Thoughtful pics of fauna...

Three of the many images I captured last November and December while experimenting with a Sony A7ii with a Laowa 100mm 2X macro lens and two 2X teleconverters, with a Venus Optics KX800 twin flash. The first two were probably around 6X magnification with effective f-numbers of around f/200 or larger, the last one a more modest f/90 or so. The raw files were processed using DXO PhotoLab, Lightroom and Topaz DeNoise AI.

A globular springtail, 2mm or so long.

1824 21 2020_11_08 DSC09794_PLab4 LR 1300h DNAIcAutoMed
by gardenersassistant, on Flickr

Rather larger. A snail.

1850 042 2020_12_17 DSC08301_PLab4 LR 1300h DNAIcMedHi
by gardenersassistant, on Flickr

The whole snail.

1850 053 2020_12_17 DSC08336_PLab4 LR 1300h DNAIcMedHi
by gardenersassistant, on Flickr


Well-known member
An oldie from 2007, cropped to 40% of the area of the 6 MP sensor in my KonicaMinolta 5D and using a cheap Tamron 70-300 "telemacro" zoom lens
I'm amazed how much a little PP was still able to extract from this shot 😇 , but I don't think a large print is in the cards 🥴

Crested tit


Well-known member
The crocus in our front yard are coming up and now frequented by a whole lot of bumble bees, who are still a bit sluggish so early in the year
(which is great for photographing them :) )

Climbing out


On top

All Sony A7ii + Helios 44-4 (58mm/f2)

Darin Marcus

Well-known member
Nice back lighting. Looks like he is having it his way too.
It was the back lighting that got my attention - I've never seen that before...
On top of a trash can, in the parking lot of a park, just as I was ready to get in the car and drive away :)