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TLRs anyone?


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Mamiya C330 Professional S with Voigtlander Heliar 3.5/105mm
Uncoated, nearly 90 years old but still an excellent lens.
Kodak Tmax 400, Wehner Developer, Negative scan with Epson V700



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My next Mamiya C330 Professional but now with a wonderful US made Elgeet Colorstigmat 4.5/135mm
I got the 135mm Sekor with one death cleaned lens and I decide to try the Elgget lens.
It is made of full brass and an excellent hard chrome plating.
The lens cap is made of with leather, gold letters and red tissue inside, unbelieveable.
I have to gaive the camera new light seal, clean the shutter and mount the new lens.
A lot of unkonwn points that´s why I used for the first set a very long expired Lucky 100 film.
The paper of the roll has had a chemical reaction with the film thats why the images are looking not 100% clear but all pictures are showing that the lens is well adjusted, the shutter works well and the camera is light tide.



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Here´s the Mamiya C330 with my new toys.
Two Leitz Wetzlar Summar lenses 4.5/120mm.
Six element design in four groups, a classic Douple Gauss System.
Made for reprographic work but makes an excellent job in standard photography as well and why not?