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Using CFV 100 handheld


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Odd that your tripod capture seems less sharp than your handheld. Hands of steel! Though 1/3000th of a second isn't too tough a test. But your 1/100th looks good (on that table) edge, especially given that you have the 180mm lens mounted, so you're surpassing the conventional handheld formulas.

Generally, the way I would think, is that there's nothing inherent in the hardware of the CFV 100c vs the CFV 50c that would present any additional challenges or benefits. There's no IBIS, nor are there any changes to the form factor. The weight is slightly less, but probably not enough to matter much with regard to hand holding. In other words, the hardware conditions are mostly the same, other than your results may be viewed (or printed) much larger, due the increased pixel count and any weakness that might have been obscured or less noticeable with the CFV 50c will be less so with the CFV 100c - to some degree.

As Godfrey said, first hand knowledge is the best testimonial. Keep in mind that our evaluation rentals are creditable toward purchase. (self serving factoid)
I noticed that too, that the hand-held seemed very slightly sharper than the tripod shot. And so I looked more closely at the entire shot in both captures: the tripod shot is focused slightly closer than the hand-held shot, and when I compare a foreground element between them (a small ball of twine hanging from the fence just an inch or two nearer than the leaves in the sample shot) the situation reverses. The sample shots presented amount to about a 1000x1000 pixel cut of the whole image. Chalk it up to the vagaries of trying to hand hold an identical shot with a 180mm lens at about 15 foot distance @ f/5.6! :)

The chair and table photo was focused on the chair's arm and table just right of frame center, and was tripod mounted, so it came out just as expected. Also 180mm at f/5.6, and nearer, so DoF is very shallow.

It was fun to give it a go with the 180mm lens, but I would ordinarily never consider working with a 180mm lens hand held like this. Even with the small 907x body, the lens and back together are bulky, heavy and awkward to carry and hold.

Now I'm curious about trying it with the 500CM body.... Just for fun! :D


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When wondering about shooting the CFV100c handheld, I'm thinking it probably will work a lot better than shooting my P65+ handheld due to the possibility to use higher ISO. So most likely the back is going to improve the possibility for handheld shooting with the 500C/M for me.


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After seeing the post from Godfrey about the Hassy 180mm I thought I would see how it compared to my bargain purchase of the Pentax 645 200mm. I shot both at f4 on a tripod with focus established from my LCD with a Peak loupe. Needless to say there was no contest. No need to post images. The Hassy won this round hands down.

I purchased this lens new decades ago and have never regretted it. The only issue is weight but easily worth it for the outcome.

Victor B.