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WTB: Apo Sironar S lenses

Paul Spinnler

Active member

If anyone has a mint Apo Sironar S 130, 150, 210, 240 for sale I'd be grateful to get contacted. I am getting a bit into analogue again for the passion of the process and want to see where 4x5 leads me ... I am based in Switzerland!


Paul Spinnler

Active member
Well that's a tricky focal length ... I might come back at a later point once I've covered my bases with the 150 etc. ... what state is it in and where are you based?


Can’t recommend the 150 enough, Paul ;) It’s brilliant. I have the “Sinaron SE” version of the Apo-Sironar S. Amazing image circle! That said, I use it for fashion rather than landscape, etc - still spectacular nonetheless.

Paul Spinnler

Active member
Thanks guys, am replying to you all separately - the only one that is elusive so far is the 150 ... pls reach out if you have this one for sale. Med, Winetu, let's talk on PM


New member
I've been slowly starting to list a bunch of LFF lenses. You can see some of them on LFF and APUG (I refuse to call APUG by their new name :). Same user name as here, nbagno.

I have a mint Schneider - Kreuznach Super-Symmar 5.6/150 XL-105 degrees that I haven't had the chance to list yet if you are interested. It's in a Copal 1 shutter.
As I'm sure you know, this is an outstanding lens. I'm not convinced that I want to part with it though :-|. I'm sure you know it's not a cheap lens. Feel free to PM me.



Shutter speeds test as follows:
1 - .930
2 - 1/2
4 - 1/4
8 - 1/7
15 - 1/14
30 - 1/36
60 - 1/68
125 - 1/113
250 1/217
400 - 1/384