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X100 images thread...let's get this party started....


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After watching Todd Gipstein's video about shooting with the X100 in B&W mode (see above), I thought I'd give it a try for a few days. Very foggy here this morning in Anchorage, so not the best conditions, but I did enjoy the experience and will keep at it for awhile at least.



New member
Almost three years late to the party....better late than never? Picked up a new-old stock LE in the first week of March.

I just picked up an X100S on a whim! I already love fuji's sensor and a big fan of their lenses. A Hotel ceiling with some interesting geometry and a shot across town to the port in Manila



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X100s. Simple cam, superb lens, hybrid viewfinder, fuji colours, what's not to like? Except maybe the new X100T.



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Thanks guys.:)

Let's show some love for Velvia...and a bit of sharpening..

Crop it...not at 100%!!

What's not to like...except a red dot.Looks better in print though.