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Thread: Mamiya 150mm f/2.8 D

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    Mamiya 150mm f/2.8 D

    I have 150mm f/3.5, which I use in studio for portraits.
    I am not thrilled with the colors/contrast, and sharpness deteriorates after f/16.
    In my experience with D lenses, the colors/contrast are very good, and you can close aperture more before diffraction sets in.

    Anyone has experience in how does the 150mm D compare to 75-150mm, in studio closed aperture? And also how it compares to 150/3.5?

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    Re: Mamiya 150mm f/2.8 D

    You might want to read my Mamiya lens overview here, as I discuss all three lenses:

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    Re: Mamiya 150mm f/2.8 D

    And our test of the 150/2.8 vs 150/3.5

    Not every lens which is "new" is significantly better than the one it replaces: this one is.

    HOWEVER, f/16 and above on any medium format lens is not ideal and I rarely use any of them above f/16 so I guess I can't comment specifically on your request.

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    Re: Mamiya 150mm f/2.8 D

    150mm D is a fantastic lens. 75-150 is quite good, nice for a flexible range, but not in the same class as the 150mm. (150mm f/ 3.5 is nice, but no comparison to the D series lenses). One thing that is not mentioned often is that the 150mm D locks focus super quick, even in dim studio settings. 75-150 takes a bit longer to lock focus under the same conditions. If given the choice, the 150mm D stays on my 645DF....

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